Structure: how to use the information resource

Structure and how to use the information resource by its different audiences:

There are two sections to the information resource provided (A [introductory & structure related] and B [main part of the resource]).

Part A (accessed through this section of the website). This covers: about, information resource structure, issues covered, and audiences.

Part B — the main part of the information resource:

  1.  About the Hostile Environment (its strategic and operational level creators, developers in Whitehall, and its multiagency implementers including the Immigration Tribunal; deportation; populations and communities particularly targeted by those directing and enforcing the Hostile environment [including a dedicated LGBT section of the resource])
  2. Human costs of the Hostile Environment and its degradation of the UK’s name at international level
  3. Seeking to access and subsequently using UK immigration services (seeking visas and/or appealing against refusal of visa decisions overseas/outside the UK)
  4. Seeking Leave to Remain and/or appealing against a decision to refuse LTR in the UK
  5. Asylum and refugee status leave to enter And LTR from within the UK
  6. Appealing against refusal decisions on asylum and refugee status leave to enter And LTR from within the UK, and representation options for appealing
  7. Making a complaint

Having a step by step ‘what can actually happen’ information resource therefore gives much needed insight into how those processes are actually applied by immigration officers and the Tribunal — information that is Not provided on the Home Office and Immigration Tribunal websites. In addition, regarding forms, these are analysed as are in some areas relevant sections of their accompanying completion guidance notes