Other Representation routes

This page appears also on our Appeals & Related section, but is included here as well as particularly relevant to this section’s topics, which naturally imply process abuse, malpractice, and therefore a culture of enmity towards those who speak up and whistleblow.

On this, other – political and campaigning — representation routes on raising awareness of Hostile Environment related abuses of power and process, injustice, and other abuses that you experience and wish to speak out about rather than simply endure in silence, include both in-country / overseas, and in the UK, as detailed on the Self-Representation page of this website http://needtoknow-immigrationuk.com/self-representation/

Independent [non-Home Office context directly or indirectly connected] ‘immigration / hostile environment watchdog’ groups and organisations exist, and can easily be found through online searches. 

It is possible to initiate a major online or multiple organisations supporting campaign about what you have experienced from the UKVI and the Immigration Tribunal.  These campaigns, including online petitions, are often successful, and certainly provide you with publicity ‘spotlight’ witnessing of your Hostile Environment, protection.

Here are some further routes and contacts to consider:

  • Your constituency Member of Parliament (MP) – you have the right to contact your MP and request him/her to raise your complaint about using UK immigration services and/or treatment of your UK immigration services application or appeal.  
  • If your MP is unsympathetic you can then look for other Members of Parliament who may be very ready to get behind you and may appreciate the information you provide from your experience of the Hostile Environment at the Home Office and/or Tribunal, or elsewhere.
  • Independent and affective at lobbying for change regarding the Hostile Environment  — The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI): https://www.jcwi.org.uk/
  • There are a number of other organisations that provide guidance and different forms of support to victims of the Hostile Environment, including but not limited to:  Right to Remain https://righttoremain.org.uk/ and Free Movement:  https://www.freemovement.org.uk  and Liberty Human Rights organisation (https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/challenge-hostile-environment-data-sharing) – there are many more though, you ARE NOT ALONE! 
  • Developing your own campaign (if you are seeking to prevent being illegally detained or deported) – to be effective you need to work with others, such as online petition organisations (there are nationality/ethnicity, and LGBT ones), and organisations such as those above, and to mobilise your own community through relevant leads and influential contacts you know well.
  • You can, if you belong to one, contact your trade union (especially equality, campaigns, welfare officers)

Please remember that by sharing your experiences (you can keep your name and any identifying information to yourself) with others you can contribute valuable knowledge that make campaigns concerning the Hostile Environment more effective.

Finally, don’t forget, you can also provide any information about your experience directly to us, and see it platformed on this information resource (again, with all identifying particulars removed)!