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Legal related rider on provenance of sources of original and in the public domain information contained in the ‘Need to Know – Immigration UK’ online information resource:

All particulars detailed in the various sections of the website are based on evidence-based facts and information in the public domain (sources are provided/cited), or derive from particulars detailed in UK immigration cases documentation that is in the possession of Hostile Environment implementing or associated organisations/agencies, and/or UK immigration services service users who have consented to share the particulars cited.  For data protection and safety considerations where case material that is not in the public domain (through news articles, etc.) is concerned, where necessary we have changed or suppressed use of actual names or other particulars that could aid direct identification, but provided in regard to such cases evidence particulars demonstrating the sources to be genuine, real documents. 

The Hostile Environment in all its multiagency manifestations has a core dynamic of non-transparency to assist targeting individuals and specific groups (the ‘unstated target populations’: examples of which have been revealed through leaking of secret memos that have come into the public domain, and through analysis of statistics data in the public domain) in ways where accountability is minimal and for preference non-existence where such targeting is concerned,  those with directing intent and authority in regard to Hostile Environment operational level strategy and related implementation do not provide their names or positions. 

However, from original cases & representations documentation and from information in the public domain (from parliament to investigative journalism findings, to FOI requests responses) there is through this collated information sufficient evidence to indicate trends in regard to direction (and related hierarchy of highest strategic command down to frontline level) and implementation of the Hostile Environment against targeted individuals and groups. This is on a basis of strong to compelling supportive & indicative evidence & relevant detail and information, rather than a balance of possibility or probability one (this is the Home Office & Immigration Tribunal approach to application of the Immigration ‘Rules’ at a cases/applications/appeals level). 

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Those with interest in humane and equitable immigration services are welcome to utilise material from the website but please attribute us (giving this website address as source) – ‘Need to Know – Immigration UK’ — as your source when you do so. 

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