Issues covered

The ‘Hostile Environment’ thematic issues revealed are multiple — almost every day Hostile Environment victims, research, or investigative journalists and multiple UK and international organisations and entities that expose & challenge human rights and processes & power abuses in UK immigration, bring more and more of these issues to life. Below we list the main themes that our information resource identifies and explores — the following BBC news link sets the scene for a number of these:

Main Hostile Environment implementation (strategic and operational level) issues detailed in this information resource:

  • Inconsistency of standards and approaches on process (UKVI New Delhi contrasting with UKVI UK on refused entry ‘signals’ etc.)
  • Perceived structured ambiguity and wont of clear/unambiguous guidelines/guidance notes on key points of process and/or completing forms and in regard to supportive evidence
  • Lack of transparency
  • Lack of accountability
  • Mental health distress of high/dangerous levels
  • Safety and safeguarding, including risk to life
  • Perceived wont of a clear complaints and representation of concerns system
  • Concerns over Immigration Tribunal professional standards
  • Conflict between the role and functions of Parliament/Members of Parliament and those of the Immigration Tribunal and some of its judges
  • Civil service and sub-contracted private sector roles and powers ambiguity — the multiagency Whitehall directed approach to implementing the Hostile Environment and to protecting and extending its culture of abuses of power & process