Visa & Leave to Remain Applications

This section of the information resource provides very important UK Immigration services and processes delivery detail on a practical topic by topic basis ‘need to know’ UK government AND independent sources.  Essential information for those having to enter the current UK Immigration ‘Hostile Environment’ by family or study and work related UK visa applications, and/or Leave to Remain (settlement) applications, on how your visa or leave to Remain application could – on the record of actual real cases experiences — be treated by the Hostile Environment implementing/directed UKVI & Immigration Tribunal. 

Section topics:

Types of Visa

UK Immigration Forms

Completing a form —

The ‘Rules’

Leave to Remain

Application Refusals —

UKVI formal application rejection letters —

Appealing against a UKVI decision —

Entry Clearance Officers, Entry Clearance Assistants, and information about application assessment approach criteria —

Two analysis items of ECO assessment of applications guidance   —

Entry Clearance Managers —

UKVI Caseworkers

Immigration History Records —      

Passports seized + refused entry stamps related

Quality of service assurances – 

Other Representation routes –