Tribunal letters

Immigration Tribunal letters are of two main kinds:

a) updates on progress of submission of an appeal

b) appeal decision papers (Decision & Reasons document) which will be signed and dated by the judge who heard (Oral hearing) or reviewed (on the Papers). 

However, if you represent concerns and complaints about aspects of how your appeal is being managed or about Tribunal handling of the result, you may receive other types of letters.

These can include valuable evidence of the de-facto (not perceived only) non-independence of the Tribunal and how it works so closely, too closely with the Home Office, with the Tribunal revealed aa a de-facto puppet Hostile Environment enforcing entity that is ultimately controlled through ‘back-door’ mechanisms, by the Home Office/Whitehall. 

Reminding the Tribunal that precise grounds for refusing an application are the basis in Law for the refusal, and consequently, in Law, must be the particulars to be refuted in an appeal – not so under the Hostile Environment, and the Tribunal is comfortable with that:

There are multiple forms of evidence of this in Tribunal to appellant correspondence. For example when an appellant reminds the Tribunal and Home Office  that they have completed their appeal (the paper submitted to both Tribunal and Home Office) and this has been on a point by point refutation of the grounds for dismissing the application by the Home Office (or FCO), numerated basis in the caseworker (or ECO) Decision & Reasons basis. 

Having oral hearings forced on appellants by the Home Office via the Tribunal:

As a result of previous very negative experiences at oral hearings, appellants can remind the Tribunal of the latter, and may even, additionally on very well-founded grounds formally represent safety/anonymity destroying grounds, for not choosing to have an oral hearing, but electing on the option for a Hearing on the Papers, or an Oral Hearing, the former. 

The Home Office, it has been found evidenced in office of the President of the Tribunal letters, faced with having to respond to the point by point basis of the given Appellant’s appeal paper, will contact the Tribunal to advise that as the case is ‘complex’ that they feel the Appellant’s choice to have the hearing on an ‘on the Papers’ basis should be ignored.

These special class of de-facto, political orientated Hostile Environment threatening [because involving exposure of process abuse tactics] cases, tribunal letters can even reveal de-facto bullying/threats to Appellant’s if they don’t comply with the Tribunal enabled Home Office directives to for example appear before an oral hearing that the Home Office insisted on when the appellant had chosen a hearing on the papers for fear of the Tribunal allowing a ‘whitewash’ over political orientated bullying concerning exposure of Home Office abuses of power & process, and as at previous oral hearings, the Tribunal allowing Home Office abuses of procedure or worse – the Tribunal writing in as many words, angrily, if you don’t attend, don’t complain afterwards! 

In the event the couple in question discharged their legal requirement of providing a thorough point-by-point-appeal (which it had emerged in correspondence from the Tribunal that apparently the Home Office may not consider [confirming a pattern of such conduct of more than legally questionable kind which the Immigration Tribunal has been at highest levels to be at the very least indifferent too]) and their self-protective and human rights to a fair hearing duty by not attending the imposed oral hearing.

The Decision & Reasons paper the case judge provided, demonstrated how they had wisely not allowed themselves to be de-facto abused (and their time wasted) by attendance: all the worst defects of a de-facto Home Office favourable hearing were revealed in this document, and the ever present revealed banning or treating in flippant ways, key evidence and detail that would in an ordinary tribunal have not been airbrushed away but considered, as the technical term is, with anxious scrutiny (in depth and with necessary balance and care).