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‘ … According to The Independent, data published last November showed that 78 per cent of asylum claims referring to sexual orientation were refused by the Home Office in 2017-18.  That figure was a 52 per cent increase on 2015, when 61 per cent of sexual orientation claims were rejected.’ 


This, the home page of this important section of the information resource provides below the section specific topic pages list, and towards the page’ end a sample list of news articles on the Hostile Environment anti-LGBT phenomenon.  However at many points throughout the rest of the different main sections of the information resource, LGBT stories and experiences appear, as LGBTs seem whether in the Tribunal or at the hands of ECOs and UKVI Caseworkers, to have been particularly important as human victims of almost the full range of processes of abuses of power & process that characterise the Hostile Environment.

Index of sub-pages: 

LGBT population dedicated targeting — 

Hostile Environment LGBT Safety issues

Details of Maladministration & Process Abuse experienced by LGBT community members

‘Culture of de-facto enmity at strategic guidance level’ regarding LGBT related visa applications, LTR, and asylum applications

Culture of disbelief  + training & monitoring —