Immigration Tribunal appeals – why they are important

Appeals are extremely important, not only on the personal, human level, but on the political and defence of democracy and human rights & related protections fronts. 

The Home Office is aware of this and this is why when the Hostile Environment was being planned by its architects and initiators/developers in Whitehall, the judicial aspects of implementation were clearly regarded as central and indispensable.

It was from this point (2012 onwards) that the Immigration Tribunal found itself on a new and controversial path, as it became the mechanism to cover over Home Office/UKVI abuses of power and process, and to confirm refusal of visas/LTR/asylum to those who the Home Office & Tribunal knew to be genuine and whose credentials were impeccable. 

Hearings Oral and On the Papers are used to support the Hostile Environment through:

a) Extending the Hostile Environment through case law

b) Dealing with Hostile Environment politically very damaging cases where process abuses and abuses of power by the UKVI and other (IE, etc.) Hostile Environment implementing agencies and entities who have had their records and operational tactics revealed