About the Hostile Environment

This section covers a number of topics regarding the Hostile Environment, including but not limited too the following:

About the Hostile Environment introduction & overview:

The Hostile Environment didn’t happen by chance nor does it hold together and extend its reach even in the face of extensive detailed scrutiny in Parliament and by victims and UK and international human rights bodies, by chance. This information resource details how the Hostile Environment operates, including its key multi-agencies interconnections dimension, and purposeful obscuring on essential safety and fairness of processes and protections, communications and information. 

The letter from a former immigration minister listing the actual characteristics of the Hostile Environment at operational level, sets the scene well. The second half of this webpage provides a list of the Hostile Environment topic pages of this section of the information resource.

The above excerpt from a letter by a former Immigration Minister (Ms Caroline Nokes) for Immigration response to substantial evidence provided to her justifying the points she accurately indicated on Hostile Environment performance, is contrasted well regarding her response, by the following two quotes and news article:  UK Home Office fighting against return of lesbian woman it unlawfully deported to Uganda — 26-year-old ‘PN’ says she has been gang-raped since the British government unlawfully forced her to return in 2013.   Source: https://attitude.co.uk/article/uk-home-office-fighting-against-return-of-lesbian-woman-it-unlawfully-deported-to-uganda-1/21460/

As will be found in examples and cited data elsewhere in this information resource, the above mirrors so well perspectives from UK taxpayer-funded UK Immigration employees to the effect of ‘We are the Home Office and don’t care’ and [Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Border Force personnel] ‘We can do whatever we want so shut up or it will be worse for you and your friend.’

The ‘Hostile Environment’ it should not be doubted is a classical manifestation of a totalitarian state controlling, punishing, bullying phenomenon.  One that has not been possible to have emerged and certainly enjoys the active protection of — what has been described where totalitarian phenomena such as persecution of Roman Catholics in earlier British history, persecution of Jewish people in Nazi and fascist states and persecutions of LGBT people in religious fundamentalist states, former soviet bloc states – the so-called ‘deep state.’  Phenomena such as the Hostile Environment do not take place by chance, and certainly as multi-agency require highest level coordination from the most senior levels in the Civil Service, Whitehall.

We also recommend the guide by Liberty, which contains valuable information about the Hostile Environment, areas of operation in daily life activities, and valuable networks that can support victims of the Hostile Environment.  For more information on the guide please visit:https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/sites/default/files/Hostile%20Environment%20Guide%20%E2%80%93%20update%20May%202019_0_0.pdf 


 ‘The aim is to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration’:

Theresa May, then Home Secretary. The term was used in an interview by Mrs May in 2012.

A ‘Hostile Environment’ can be defined as an environment (in this case one relating to immigration services, such as settlement and leave to remain [LTR]) in which certain categories of individuals, and certain actions [such as seeking entry to, and/or legal basis settlement in the UK, are deterred, by mechanisms and procedures through existing and/or new, legal statutes and administrative processes. 

Please read the History page — http://needtoknow-immigrationuk.com/history/ — of this section of the website, for more detail on the actual origins and subsequent implementation progression of the Hostile Environment.