A failed deportation and the revelations about illegal deportations and how they are carried out, humiliating their victims and presenting [white] British people as aggressive racists

The context to this experience was the Immigration Tribunal ONLY informing UKVI/IE and NOT the victim of the experience himself, regarding a still pending decision on a still in process appeal, and NOT providing the victim with the required decision & reasons paper.  In other words, the Tribunal acting as a de-facto functioning admin section of the Home Office/UKVI.  The victim was a member of the LGBT community who had been outed in Nepal, whilst he was still in the UK: the Home Office had seen ample evidence (also shared directly with the creators of this information resource) that his family had turned violently against him and threatened him with death and violence* if he returned, as being revealed as Gay had brought dishonour on the family name (elements the Home Office has been revealed to be completely indifferent to, stating that Nepal is under law a safe country for LGBT people).

* Pilot ‘saves life’ of gay asylum seeker by refusing to fly him to Nepal. EXCLUSIVE: Asylum seeker’s mother warned he will be ‘cut to pieces’ if he is deported to Nepal —https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/uk-pilot-saves-life-of-gay-asylum-seeker-by-refusing-to-fly-him-to-nepal/

Article excerpt:

Without warning, Jagat was informed by detention centre officials he was going to be deported yesterday afternoon (5 August).

Forced into a van and taken to London Heathrow airport, four officials marched him onto a plane.

The plane was set to take off to Mumbai from Terminal 4 at 5.05pm.

‘I had to shout and cry in the plane,’ he said.

Jagat said he had the right to reapply for asylum in the UK, and kept crying and shouting.

He fears being killed on his arrival in Nepal. Gay Star News has seen text messages, sent from family members, promising he will be ‘cut into pieces’ if he returns.

The delay took an hour, and the flight took off at 5.54pm – without Jagat.

Pilot saves asylum seeker’s life with last minute decision

Airlines are legally obliged under UK law to assist in deporting people.

However, pilots have the sole right to refuse to board anyone.

It is unknown whether the pilot was thinking of other passengers’ security or may have had sympathy for Jagat’s plight.

Regardless, Jagat says the pilot ‘saved his life’.

A Jet Airways spokesperson told GSN they are declining to comment on this.

The asylum seeker was brought back to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre.

‘I got very bad bruises all over my hands. It might happen again…soon,’ he said.

‘I’m still shaking and really traumatized by what just happened. Never felt this depressed and suicidal.’

Jagat came to the UK fleeing persecution from Nepal. While homosexuality is not illegal there, it is taboo.

Home Office officials said to him they didn’t believe he was gay. On other occasions, he was told he could ‘start his life’ over in Kathmandu if he kept his sexuality ‘quiet’.

UKNFS: https://uknfs.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Open-Letter-to-the-Rt-Hon-Jeremy-Hunt-MP-the-UK-Foreign-Secretary-by-the-UKNFS-on-UK-immigration-process-human-rights-abuses-of-Nepali-citizens-1.pdf

A Nepali  dragged along a plane aisle like an escaped slave captured and brought back, by four white British people* in front of largely Indian passengers, is an affront to the dignity of Nepal and the Nepali people.  Excerpt from open letter below. 

‘…I forgot to mention that on that plane I was actually dragged down by those officers all the way to last back seat and my shoes came off and my trouser were coming off, there were all those crew members looking at, so I have bruises, wounds and cuts on my hands, ear, legs too. Emailed communication of August 8th

‘…they are not immigration officer or anything to do with immigration but I think they are different department who’s job is to take detainees from detention to plane or escort detainees but I think they work together with immigration or they do what immigration people tell them to do. So those officers were there just to do what they were told to do and they all looked English ethnic wise*, they did not show me any paperwork about the flight. They just told me that they were there to remove me from UK via immigration enforcement. Especially 2 escort officers who were meant to be escorting me all the way to Mumbai were nice with me, they said me do not take anything personally or as offense as they were there just to do what they have been told to do, but I think it’s shameful for immigration people or who ever it is to allow it to happen ,as I resisted going inside the plane and said I don’t want to go back and I can’t go back that’s when those officers started dragging me holding my legs and hands and dragged me all the way to the last seat at the back. Then they also handcuffed me, I was already strapped around my hands.

There were all these crew members watching it, that’s when I had cuts and bruises on my hands, ear, legs, my whole body was in so much pain. Honestly I can never forget that experience in my life even though I want to forget it, I still feel scared because of that day.’

Emailed communication of 9th August2018